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EPart11BOYS ON THE BEACH “Addiction EP” 
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The Boys are back with the antidote for your almost-Summer doldrums. Their new Addiction EP is a slightly rough-hewn (just the way we like it)  pop-rock double blast! Drawing on the energy of their live set, BOTB turn the amps up and crash through “I Hate This Addiction” and (my fav) “It’s Alright, It’s OK”. A must add to your Soundtrack of Summer playlist! – Paul Chastain (The Small Square, Velvet Crush)

“I Hate This Addiction” is really great song. I am absolutely knocked out!!!! This stuff is GREAT! Wow! I LOVE the production and the recording it’s just fabulous. I wish you much sucess with this it’s really very good! – Mimi Betinis (Pezband)

“Boys On The Beach EP, Addiction, is excellent! They are crafting excellent songs and melodies. They also are rocking good fun live!! They are good friends of Lolas, and we had a great time with them when we were in Japan!!” – Tim Boykin (Lolas)

I’ve been listening to Japanese band, Boys On The Beach. Their new “Addiction,” EP, is classic noisy guitar pop with great melodies. Highlly recommended by me. Get on it! – Daniel Wylie (Cosmic Rough Riders)

BOYS ON THE BEACH’s Addiction EP is great! Crunchy guitars and tons of hooks! Elements of every great power pop band abound, from the Beatlesque harmonies and Robin Zanderesque lead vocals, but still BOYS ON THE BEACH sound fresh and modern. To say that “I Hate This Addiction” and “It’s Alright, It’s OK” are catchy would be a gross understatement. Highly recommended! – Frank C. Gradishar (Thrift Store Halo)

Great work!
Boys on the Beach explodes with their new release “Addiction EP”. Both songs from these sessions are insanely catchy, hook-ladened power pop. But this Tokyo based outfit is not just about the hook. These guys write carefully crafted songs with clever turns to keep you guessing and inspire multiple listens.
“I Hate This Addiction” is a smartly written analogy for television taking away ones inspiration. This while the driving beat and professional production bring the power pop era to a new generation.
“It’s Alright, It’s OK” is a romp through the Cheap Trick, ELO & the Who vaults to create a expertly produced gem of a power pop song with a chorus that I dare you to forget!
Highly Recommended! – Chris Korzen (Nezrok)

“I like music best when it’s fearless. The Boys On The Beach have released a new EP called “Addiction EP” with two great songs. It’s clear to me that these guys aren’t scared of anything. “Addiction” merges a great pop song with some serious Ramones style aggression, which sits perfectly with the lyrics. “It’s Alright, It’s OK” is reminiscent of Cotton Mather and The Apples In Stereo, but with a straightforward “we came here to rock” sound. The Boys On The Beach are fearless, and it reminds me of why I love music so much in the first place.” – Nick Bertling (bertling noise laboratories)

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