【Interview】Whale House

僕らはサイケデリックロックバンドWhale House。結成は2009年、ウィスコンシン州ノースウッズでカレブと僕の2人で始めた。より激しくロックできるようリズムセクションを追加しながら今日まで来た。これまで3枚のEPと2枚のシングルをリリース。先ごろリリースした「Clowder」が僕ら初のフル・アルバムなんだ。
Q. Hi Clayton, There may be a new fan knowing you by this interview for the first time. Therefore, at first tell it from your simple profile.
We’re a psychedelic rock band from the North woods of Wisconsin (USA).  Caleb and I started the band as a duo back in 2009.  Since then we’ve added a rhythm section so we can rock harder.  We have released 3 EPs and 2 Singles.  The upcoming release ‘Clowder’ will be our first full length record.
Q.Congratulations on your 1st album.I’ve been waiting for this day. Frankly speaking, how is the present feeling?
It feels awesome.  We’ve put a lot of work into this album and we’re very proud of it.
全体として、本当にスムーズに進んだと思う。 トラックの大部分はジョン・リチャードソンのドラムファームスタジオで録った。 クルーは、僕とカレブ、ドラマーのジョン・リチャードソン、プロデューサーのトム・ハーバース。4人だけで1週間、ほとんど昼夜を問わず作業に没頭した。 とても集中できる環境だったよ。 休憩したくなったら、外に出て農場の動物と戯れたりして気分転換できたしね。
Q. Did the recording proceed smoothly? Were there the points that had a hard time?
Overall I’d say the process went really smoothly.  We recorded the bulk of the tracks on a farm in a fairly remote area.  The crew consisted of myself, Caleb, our drummer John Richardson, and our producer Tom Herbers.  We spent a week out there, just the four of us, working pretty much day and night.  It was a very focused, very positive environment.  And if we wanted to take a break we could go outside and pet the farm animals.

まずはシングル曲の ‘Milk’ と ‘Elephant’ を聴いてほしい。’Twilight Sleep’ も良いね。ストリングスを入れるのは初めてだったけど、納得の仕上がりになったよ。
Q. What is the highlight of this album which you recommend?
The two singles ‘Milk’ and ‘Elephant’ are a good place to start.  There’s also a string section on the track ‘Twilight Sleep’, which is something we haven’t done before.  I think that turned out really well.

曲を書くための方法は1つじゃない。新しい曲を作るたびにゼロから始めるんだ。 だけど僕らが常に念頭に置いていることは変わらない。それは、メロディーこそ楽曲のコンセプトの中心だということ。 リスナーを引き込み、期待以上のものを届けるために妥協はせずに精進しているんだ。
Q. What is the secret of the making of your songs? Is there anything that you keep in mind for songwriting?
We don’t really have single method that we use to write songs, we sort of start from scratch with each new song.  But there are definitely things we we always keep in mind.  Melody is very central to our musical concept.  Each song has to simultaneously draw the listener in as well as deliver something they don’t expect.
僕らはまさにグランジ世代。それを聴いて育ったんだ。 静と動、そのダイナミックな振れ幅はすごいよね。ラウドなところはより激しく、静かなところはよりソフトに。静と動を行き来するダイナミックな振れ幅に夢中になるよ。 ボトムがいつドロップアウトして静かになるのか、いつ爆発してパンクロックのリフを放出するのかわからないから、とても緊張感があってエキサイティングなんだ。 本当に多くのことを学んだよ。
Q. Your music is reminiscent of 90s grunge and alternative rock. For example, Nirvana, Alice In Chains, and many more. Would you tell me the reason why you are fascinated with?
That’s the music we grew up listening to.  I think there’s a lot to admire in that music.  For one those bands are incredibly dynamic.  The loud parts are very loud and the soft parts are very soft, and the way they move back and forth between the two is incredible.  It makes the songs so tense and exciting because you never know when the bottom is going to drop out and its going to get very quiet and intimate, or when things are going to explode and you’re going to get a punk rock riff to the face.  That’s something we’ve tried to learn from.
Q. If you could pick any time to travel back to for music, What year would you go and who do you want to play with?
Maybe David Bowie in the early 70s?  The creative energy that guy was channeling in that decade was incredible.  And those live performances from the Ziggy Stardust era are pretty next level.
インターネットのおかげで、世界中のリスナーに僕たちの音楽を届けられる。大きなレコード会社の助けを必要とせずにね。 スペインや日本、ブラジルなどの音楽シーンにアクセスするために、物理的に世界を旅する必要はないんだ。ネット上にはグローバルな音楽コミュニティーが形成されていると思うよ。
Q. The music industry has changed a lot. I think that it is a benefit of the Internet. How do you feel the present music industry to be as a musician? What did it bring you?
For us I think it brought the opportunity to bring our music to a much wider audience, without need the help of a big record company.  We don’t need to physically travel the world to have access to the music scenes of Spain or Japan or Brazil, etc.  I think it’s bringing the global music community together.
Q. Please tell me your plans from now on.
We are going to release another video for ‘Elephant’ later this year or early next year.  We’ll also be playing shows around the Midwest to support the new album. Maybe make a stop in Japan if we win the lottery.
Q. Would you please provide some message to the fans in Japan?
From our forested corner on the other side of the Pacific Ocean we say, “ROCK ON”.