【My Firsts】Jody Porter (Fountains of Wayne)

Jody Porterーー初めて買ったレコードは?
Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band / The Beatles
Q. Whose record did you buy for the first time in your life?
Sergeant Pepper
The BeatlesとThe Rolling Stones
Q. Who is the artist/band that you were obsessed for the first time?
Beatles and Stones
7歳のときに観たDixie Dregs。その時初めてxxxを吸ったな。
Q. Who is the first concert you went to see?

A band called the Dixie Dregs when I was 7. It was the first time I smelled pot.

Q. What is the instruments you bought for the first time? Do you still have them?
Yes. My father got me a 65 mustang when I was 6 then a LP deluxe a year later.

最初はウクレレでバディ・ホリーの曲を練習してて、その後だんだんとブルースや初期ロックンロールにも興味を持っていった。そして、Led Zeppelinと出会ったんだ。とにかくコピーしまくったよ。
Q. What is a song you practiced for the first time?
I used to learn Buddy Holly songs on a uke then got into the other stuff like blues and early r n r. Later on Zeppelin which I would sit down with and learn the solos off the records.

1年生になる前に、両親を困らせようと思って作ったのが最初だな。”Jelly Highway”という曲名だよ。
Q. When did you write you own song for the first time?
Used to annoy my parents on road trips with a song I wrote before I started first grade. It was called “Jelly Highway”

The Westwinds。子供だったから、他に思いつかなかった。
Q. What is the name of your first band?
The Westwinds. I was a kid and couldn’t come up with anything else.

Q. When did you play in front of the audience for the first time? Do you remember what kind of feeling?
Felt like I’d done it in another life. Never have had any stage fright.

Q. When did you visit Japan for the first time? Was there any difference of the impression between now and then?
My girlfriend at the time was working there for 3 months and I first came around 1998.

Q.What is the Japanese music that you listened to for the first time?
Probably Asian Kung fu as I played a lot of shows with them over there.

Q. What is the first thing that you want to challenge in the near future?
Would like to see a resurrection of good rock n roll being the next phase instead of pop. The talent shows have turned into a game show so you have to dig to find the good stuff which is still underground. Those real bands and artists should have more visibility.

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