【Interview】Alex Lowe (Hurricane#1)

Alex LoweーHurricane#1来日公演お疲れ様でした。今回のツアー、いかがでしたか?
Q. It was a few months ago, but congratulations on the success of the tour in Japan. How does it feel when you look back? 

A. It was a great experience to be back in Japan after all this time around 20 years! Time has past so quick. And it was a great tour!

Q. You sweep the entire length of Japan. What kind of impression did you have toward Japanese audience?
A. The Japanese fans are probably the best fans in the world. Very enthusiastic and also very polite!

Q. 19 years passed after you visited Japan for the first time, Was there any difference of the impression between now and then?
A. Not a lot of difference the fans are still as great and the people very friendly. The gigs were just as exciting. And it was great to see a lot of young fans at the shows!

Q. If there is the memory at the time of the visit to Japan, please tell me by all means.
A. I think one of the best memories was meeting the fans after the last show in Tokyo. We talked to a lot of new younger fans which is great to see that we can still make an impression on the younger people.
IMG_6386ー帰国後、ソロ新曲”Not So Tough”を発表されましたね?今年はソロ活動に重点を置いているのでしょうか?
あぁ…そうだ。現在、5枚目のソロ・アルバムの制作に取り掛かっているところなんだ。タイトルは『Rancho Diablo』、俺の新しいレーベルStrawberry Moon Recordsから6月にリリースする予定さ。”Not So tough”も、もちろん収録予定だ。
Q. After returning home, you released new song “Not So Tough”. Will you put an important point for the solo activity this year?
A. Yes…. I am working on my 5th solo album called “Rancho Diablo” it will be released through my new label in June. The track “Not So tough” is taken from the new album.

Q. Please express Hurricane#1 and solo using three adjectives each.

A. hurricane#1 is Exciting, Colourful and expressive. my solo work. is heart breaking, melodic, sad. The songs I write for hurricane have to be expressive to the point that everyone will remember the songs for their catchy choruses and that is the same as my solo work.

Q. What do you see as the big differences between Hurricane#1 and your solo works?
A. My solo material is very Acoustic and a little more Americana. More laid back.

Q.  What is the motivation that you fuel the spark of imagination for many years?
A. My motivation is simple… It is the love of music and what I do.

Q. 20 years passed from a debut album, do you feel any change and growth by yourself?
A. A little. I now know that none of us are Immortal and that our lives can end at anytime, so try to be positive in what you do in life no matter what it is, and enjoy the ride!

Q. The music industry has changed a lot . How do you feel the present music industry to be as a musician? What did it bring you?
A. To be very honest the music industry is failing and imploding from the inside in my eyes. There is no surprises anymore. What I mean is anyone can be a star these days even if they are terrible! Its very sad. There is nothing special anymore because there is to much of it.

The Beatles / Revolver
Townes Van Zandt / The best Of
Elvis Presley / The Sun Sessions
Teenage Fanclub / Grand Prix
The Rolling Stones / Exile On Main Street
Q. If you were stuck on a desert island what five albums/CDs could you not live without?
A. Revolver The Beatles
The best Of Townes Van Zandt
Elvis Presley The Sun Sessions
Teenage Fanclub Grand Prix
The Rolling Stones Exile On Main Street
These 5 because I grew up listening to this stuff and these albums made me want to play music. Also because I know Teenage Fanclub a great band!
【Feature】Hurricane#1 | 来日直前!! 公式インタビューまとめー今後新たに挑戦したいことは?
Q. What will it be in future that you want to challenge?
A. I want to challenge myself as a musician and songwriter and also my health.

Q. Please tell me your plans from now on. We will always be there for you!
A. My plans are to release as many albums as possible and to tour as many places throughout the world including Japan.

日本のファンのみんな、応援ありがとう。そして、日本のグレートなバンドThe Mayflowers、彼らのサポートがあったからこそ、このツアーは実現できたんだ。心から感謝している。近い将来、アコースティック・ツアーにで会おう!ありがとう。
Q. Would you please provide some message to the fans in Japan?
A. I would just like to thank everyone in Japan for their support and also Japanese band The Mayflowers for their support. I will see you very soon on my acoustic tour of japan!! Thank You ALL.

Hurricane#1 最新作『Melodic Rainbows』
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