【My Firsts】Cirrone

Bruno: ドイツを代表するバンド、クラフトワークのシングル“The Robots”。子供の頃、この電子音とボコーダーを使った声の虜になったんだ。人生を変えられたアルバムは、ビートルズの『ホワイト・アルバム』だけどね。
Alessandro: フランク・シナトラ『LA is My Lady』
Mirko: ギターヒーローに熱中してた頃に買った、ジミ・ヘンドリックス『Electric Ladyland』。
Q. Whose record did you buy for the first time in your life?
Bruno: My first album I bought was a 45′ by the Kraftwerk, the iconic German band, the song was “The Robots”. We were  just kids and we were fascinated by those electronic new sound and vocoder voices, anyway the album that changed our life as we told before was The White album by The Beatles.
Alessandro: my first album was “LA is My Lady” by Frank Sinatra!

Mirko: as I was involved in guitar heroes I bought an album by Jimi Hendrix “Electric Ladyland”.

ジョン・レノンのソロが先で、それからビートルズ。初めて聴いたのは、両親がクリスマス・プレゼントに買ってくれた『John Lennon Collection』。すべてはこのアルバムから始まったんだ。
Q. Who is the artist/band that you were obsessed for the first time?
John Lennon and consequently, the Beatles. We first had the album “John Lennon Collection” as a Christmas present by our parents. Everything started from that album…

Q. Who is the first concert you went to see?
The first real concert was The Duran Duran in our own town. We think it must have been at the end of the eighties. Mirko didn’t come cause it was too young to go in the middle of that crowd !

Q. What is the instrument you bought for the first time? Do you still have them?
On a rainy afternoon we went out with our mother (we are four brothers even if the oldest one, Massimo is his name, is not in the band). She bought us four classical/acoustic guitars! We came back home and started to play and tried to reproduce all the songs we used to listen from our records. After almost three years practicing in our living room our father trusted us and bought electric and more expensive instrument; a black Yamaha bass, b-motion model (Bruno), a Fender Stratocaster (Ale) and an Ibanez electric guitar (Mirko). Naturally we still own them! Nowadays when we play live we use Fender Stratocaster, Fender Telecaster, Bass Fender Precision and fender Mustang and a couple of Gibson.

“And i love Her” と “Johnny B. Goode”。3人の中では1番上のアレッサンドロが中心となって練習した。学校から帰ると、フローリングの部屋で指が痛くなるまで練習したものさ。いつも小さなテープレコーダーで練習の様子を録音してたんだけど、完璧な演奏ができるまで納得しなかったな。3年間くらいは、こんな感じの毎日だったな。音楽以外に全く興味がなかったからね!
Q. What is a song you practiced for the first time?
“And i love Her” and “Johnny B. Goode”. Ale, which is the oldest of the three of us had the command of the situation. After coming back from school, we sat on our parquet wood floor of our living room and started to rehearse for hours and hours till our fingers were paining. We used also to record our rehearsal with a small tape recorder and we were never satisfied of the results till we were perfect. This went on for three long years, every day. We didn’t care about nothing else but the music!

Mirko: 15歳の時。いろんなアイデアを試してみたことを覚えているよ。ギターで作ったんだけど、弦が切れて6本全部を張ってなかったから、普段と違った奇妙な響きのコードになってて、それがまた面白かったんだ。僕が書いたヴァース(Aメロ)に、兄たちがサビの歌詞を付けてくれてね。曲名は“I’ll be Home Again”。レコーディングもしたんだよ。いつかリリースしたいな!
Bruno: 15歳の頃、アコースティックギターを弾きながら、コード2つで口ずさんだのが最初かな!この曲は数年後にエレキ主体のロック・サウンドの曲に生まれ変わって、Help Me To Find” というタイトルでレコーディングしたんだよ。「僕らにも曲が作れる!」っていう才能に目覚めた、思い出の曲なんだ。
Alessandro: 初めて書いたのは、“Change of Tide” という曲。とても「Cirroneらしい」サウンドとメロディーの曲で、ライブでもほとんど毎回演奏してた。すでに他の4曲と一緒にレコーディングしてあるんだけど、いつかEPとしてリリースしたいと考えているよ。
Q. When did you write your own song for the first time?
This one need three answers because the three of us write songs!
Mirko: I was 15 years old and  I remember trying to get some ideas for a tune. I was playing a guitar and a string was missing. For this reason the chords I was playing was sounding different and interesting. So I had this verse and my brother later on added a chorus. The song was called “I’ll be Home Again”. It has been also recorded in a studio, maybe one day we will release it!
Bruno: I was playing my acoustic guitar. I must have been 15 years old, was playing two chords, I was singing a tune and it was one of my first melodies ever written! That song then became Help Me To Find Some years later we recorded it and the production was a kind of electronic mixed with rock sound. These first compositions made us feel confident about our ability in writing songs.
Alessandro: my first song I wrote was called “Change of Tide” it has a very “Cirrone sound” and melody. We used to play it live almost in every concert. It was also recorded in studio with other four songs. Some day we should do an EP with all of them .

僕らは最初「Apple Scruffs」というバンド名だったんだ。由来はジョージ・ハリスンのアルバム『All Things Must Pass』収録曲からで、ロンドン中心部にあったビートルズの事務所の前で待っていたファンたちのことを歌った曲(Appleは彼らのレーベル名)なんだ。初めてのコンサートの時、ポスターにはアルファベット順で掲載されるって誰かが教えてくれたんだよ。だから、”A”から始まる名前にしたんだ。1番上に来るようにね!これは本当の話だよ!蓋を開けたら、上から2番目だったけどね!笑
Q. What is the name of your first band?
Our first name was Apple Scruffs. The name was the title of a George Harrison song included in the album All Things Must Pass. The track was dedicated to the fans who used to wait outside the Beatles offices in the center of London (Apple was the name of their own label).
For our very first concert someone told us that the names of the bands would be printed on the posters in an alphabetic order. So, just to be the first at the top of the list, we choose a name with an “A”
True story! P.s Anyway someone decided to put us second of the list 🙂ー初めて人前で演奏したのは?
よく覚えてるよ!地方の教会でコンサートを開いたんだ。“We are the world”みたいな曲を演奏したんだけど、胃が痛くなるくらい緊張したよ!
Q. When did you play in front of the audience for the first time? Do you remember what kind of feeling?
Yes we do remember! It was for a concert organized by the local church. We played songs such as “We are the world” and the feeling was like a big stone in your stomach!cirrone_bandb-nー初めて聴いた日本の歌は?
Q.What is the Japanese music that you listened to for the first time?
We saw Ryuchi Sakamato live at the Theater in Palermo. It was an unforgettable concert! Great composer and musician!ー近い将来、新たにチャレンジしたい”初めて”は何?
Q. What is the first thing that you want to challenge in the near future?
The release of our new album, radio playlists and a tour to let all the people listen to our new songs!Cirrone Band Official website
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cirroneband

twitter: @cirroneband


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