【My Firsts】Chris Slusarenko (EYELIDS)

photo by Yousef Hatlani


Janis Joplin and Big Brother Holding Companyの『Cheap Thrills』。Robert Crumbが描いたジャケットの漫画に惹かれてね。最初の2曲以外は退屈だったな。
Q. Whose record did you buy for the first time in your life?

“Cheap Thrills” by Janis Joplin and Big Brother Holding Company.  Mostly because it had cartoons by Robert Crumb on the cover.  I’d get really bored after the first two songs.

The Beatles、Kiss、Cheap Trick、Devo, The Residents、R.E.M. あと、私がこれまでに好きだった他全部もね。
Q. Who is the artist/band that you were obsessed for the first time?
It went like this: The Beatles, Kiss, Cheap Trick, Devo, The Residents, R.E.M. and the rest of everything else I’ve ever loved.

1976年のPaul McCartney and Wings。8歳の時に両親が連れていってくれたんだ。最上階の席だった。寝ちゃって最後まで観られなかったな。この時と同じコンサートは『RockShow』っていうDVDになっていて、私も観たよ。
Q. Who is the first concert you went to see? 
Paul McCartney and Wings.  1976.  I was 8 years old and my parents took me.  Nose bleed seats and I almost made it to the end of the concert but fell asleep.  The same concert I saw is on DVD and it’s called RockShow.

ベース。チューニングも合わないようなチープなプラスチック製で、もう残ってないな。最初のギターはSub Popにいた頃、ライブの為に買った。それまでは、ずっと借り物ばかりだったんだ。
Q. What is the instruments you bought for the first time? Do you still have them?
Bass guitar.  It was a cheap plastic bass and I don’t have it any more.   It wouldn’t stay in tune.  The first guitar I ever had the label Subpop had to buy for me since I didn’t have an electric guitar to play live with.  Always borrowed one until then.

たしか、Hunters & Collectorsの初期のアルバムか、Minutemen、Die Kruezenのどれかだったかな。いずれにせよ簡単な曲だけをね。バンドで初めてコピーしたのは、Public Image LimitedのReligion。
Q. What is a song you practiced for the first time?
I think it was either some early Hunters & Collectors album, Minutemen or Die Kruezen but only the easy songs.  First song with a band was “Religion” by Public Image Limited.

子供の頃にピアノでめちゃくちゃな曲をいくつか書いたけど、本気で初めて書いたのは、Monkeys Make The Best Petsっていうパンク・ソング(歌詞は私じゃないけど)。
Q. When did you write you own song for the first time?
As a child I wrote some really bad songs on piano but the first song I wrote was a punk song called Monkeys Make The Best Pets (although I didn’t write the lyrics).

Death Midget。ギタリストがバンドの初めてのショーでこの名前を付けてね。それ以来、こう名乗るようになった。私に決定権なんかなかったよ。
Q. What is the name of your first band? 
Death Midget.  Because I didn’t get to vote.  Guitar player got our first show and then that’s what we were called.

Q. When did you play in front of the audience for the first time? Do you remember what kind of feeling?
Pretty amazing.  It was a squat show at what was the shell of the frat house used in the film “Animal House”.  It was playing punk rock on a dirt floor basement.  I just remember being surprised that people enjoyed it.

Q. Where is the foreign country which you went for the first time? And when?
Germany.  My band at the time had a label based there.  Probably 1995.

たしかThe Plastics。テレビで彼らを観て、翌週にレコードを探しに行ったことを覚えているよ。
Q.What is the Japanese music that you listened to for the first time?
Probably the band The Plastics.  I saw them on TV and remember going to find their record the next week.

元Guided By VoicesのChris SlusarenkoとThe Decemberists、Elliott Smithでも知られるJohn Moenを中心に結成されたUSインディー界のオールスター・バンド。Big StarやR.E.M.、Teenage Fanclubなどにも通じる親しみやすい楽曲で、ここ日本でもファンが急増中。