【My Firsts】Kirk Adams

2枚買ったんだ。Pete Townsend『Empty Glass』と、Elvis Costello『Get Happy』。
Q. Whose record did you buy for the first time in your life? 

I bought two. “Empty Glass” by Pete Townsend and “Get Happy” by Elvis Costello

T. Rex!特に『Electric Warrior』と『Tanx』。子供の頃、彼の想像力あふれる歌詞とロックンロールのルーツが大好きだったんだ。
Q. Who is the artist/band that you were obsessed for the first time?

T. Rex! “Electric Warrior” and “Tanx”. When I was a child, I loved his imaginative lyrics and rock ‘n roll roots.

1980年か81年のThe Police “Zenyotta Mondatta”ツアー。
Q. Who is the first concert you went to see?

The Police, “Zenyotta Mondatta” Tour. 1980 or ’81.

Q. What is the instruments you bought for the first time? Do you still have them? 

The first instrument I ever bought was an Aria Pro II SB-600 bass. Yes, I still have it. I believe Aria is a Japanese company!

難しい…何だったかな…Paul McCartneyの”Every Night”を一生懸命練習したことは覚えているよ。
Q. What is a song you practiced for the first time? 

Hard to say. I remember working very hard on “Every Night” by Paul McCartney.

1979年に自分の為に書いた”No One Knows Where The Time Goes”という曲。今思えば、ひどい出来だったけどね。
Q. When did you write you own song for the first time? 

The first song I wrote by myself was “No One Knows Where The Time Goes” in 1979. It was terrible.

“Ozone”。Led Zepplinの曲(Ozone Baby)から取ったんだ。
Q. What is the name of your first band? (And why?) 
The first band I was in was called “Ozone” after the Led Zepplin song.
初めてステージで演奏したのは、フロリダ・キーズというバー。”Back In The USSR”を大声で歌ったんだ。地面が剥き出しで犬がいるような所だったけど、最高に楽しかった!
Q. When did you play in front of the audience for the first time? Do you remember what kind of feeling? 

The first time I played on a real stage was at a bar in the Florida Keys. I sang “Back In The USSR”. Very loud. There was a dirt floor and dogs. It was FUN!

Q. Where is the foreign country which you went for the first time? And when? Why? 

My first trip out of the country was to the U.K. mostly Scotland, in 1993. My girlfriend is Scottish. We have returned and played music there many times. It is lovely. Great people and good music.

Q.What is the Japanese music that you listened to for the first time? 

Takanaka! My friend did a tour with him in the ’80s

Q. What is the first thing that you want to challenge in the near future? 

Always trying to be a better songwriter and musician. Also, return to painting. Become better at meditation.

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