【INTERVIEW】Nick Zeigler & John Pozza (The Forty Nineteens)

Nick Zeigler: ありがとう!私達はMighty Lemon Dropsのギター、David Newtonと一緒に、このアルバムをレコーディングしました。私達のアルバム3枚全て、彼のプロデュース。彼の知識と技術は本当に見事で、終始作業が楽しく感じられたよ!
Q. Congratulations on new album release.There may be a new fan knowing you by this interview for the first time. Therefore, at first tell it from your simple profile.
Nick Zeigler: Thanks, we recorded the album with Mighty Lemon Drops guitarist David Newton. He has produced all three of our albums. His knowledge and technique is beyond remarkable, and makes recording easy and fun.
Nick: 数年前、JohnとChuckは新バンド結成に向け曲作りを始めていたんだ。そこで、Johnから私に連絡があった訳。Johnと私は、80年代にLAでThe Leonardsというガレージ・ロックのバンドで活動していて、Paisley Undergroundシーンで毎晩のように楽しく騒いでいたなぁ。Rain Parade、Thelonious Monster、Red Hot Chili Peppers、Long Ryders、Rave Upsとかね。
John Pozza: The Forty Nineteensは、Nick Zeigler(Drums/vox)、Chuck Gorian(Lead Guitar)、そして私John Pozza(Guitar/Bass/vox)の3人で結成したんだ。Nickと私が曲を書いている。ライブでは、ベースでGeorge Kennedy 、キーボードでCraig (shaggy) Campbellがサポートしてくれているんだ。
Q. Please tell me the story of the organization in The Forty Nineteens.
Nick: The band formed a few years ago. John and Chuck were looking to get a band going, so after getting a few songs together they contacted me. John and I go back to our garage rock days in the late 80’s with Los Angeles based garage rock band The Leonards. In those days, we played with just about everyone in the Paisley Underground scene, punk rock, cow punk. Everyone. It was a great time to be in LA.  Rain Parade, Thelonious Monster, Red Hot Chili Peppers. Long Ryders, Rave Ups.
John Pozza: The Forty Nineteens is made up of John Pozza: Guitar/Bass/vox  Chuck Gorian: Lead Guitar Nick Zeigler: Drums/vox.  Nick and John write the songs. When we play a show, we have George Kennedy on bass and Craig (shaggy) Campbell on keyboards.
Nick: 私達はみんな、若い頃からガレージ・ロックとフリークビートを愛していたんだ。そしてみんながここ(個々に)LAに出て来たとき、ここにしかない本物のガレージロック史を目の当たりにしたよ。The Doorsや無数のガレージ・バンドが演奏した会場で、私達はプレーした。街中どこを見渡しても、伝説的なアルバムが録音された、またはレッキング・クルー(セッション・ミュージシャン)が働いていたスタジオがあるんだ。The Viper Roomは “The Central” と呼ばれている通りの上のにあった古いパンクのクラブで、以前は不潔なMcNasty(1960年代の伝説的な場所)なんて呼ばれていた。Barneys Beaneryは、ジム・モリスンがカクテルを飲んでいたことで有名な古めかしいバー/レストラン。ね?夢のような街だろ?
John: 私達は80年代から一緒にプレイしてきているけど、今も変わらず60年代ロックの影響を受け続けているよ。それだけすごいってことさ!
Q. I feel an atmosphere of the 60s and respect to the time with the all songs. What is the reason why you feel charm in music of the 60s?
Nick: Growing up as young musicians, it seems the one thing we all had in common was a love of garage rock and freakbeat. Then when we all moved out here (individually) we really became aware of the garage rock history that is all around Los Angeles. There was no other place we’d want to be. We played all the venues where the Doors started, or the countless other garage bands played.  Everywhere you look, there is a studio where a legendary album was recorded, or where the Wrecking Crew worked. The Viper Room used to be an old punk club on the Strip called The Central, and before that was called Filthy McNasty’s, a legendary place in the 1960s. Barneys Beanery is a famous bar/restaurant where Jim Morrison would have cocktails, as well as every other musician in town. A classic bar for sure. 
To us, the 60s was when Rock n Roll was growing up and still discovering itself. Anything musically could happen in those days, and pretty much did.
It is with that spirit that we recorded “Rebooted”
John: We have been playing music since the 80’s.  At that time we were very influenced by the garage bands from the 60’s  that continues to influence our sound.
Q. What are the main equipments which you used?
John: Chuckと私、2人ともアンプはVox AC 15とAC 30。ギターはダンエレクトロの12弦、リッケンバッカー350V63、あとはフェンダーのストラト。エフェクターはBossのSuper Overdrive SD1、Ibanez Tube Screamer、BehringerのディレイVD400。
Nick: Chuckは、ストラトを何本か使いわけていたね。その中の1本は、高校生の時に使ってたギターで数年前に質屋に売ってしまったやつを偶然見つけて買い戻したそうだよ。ベースのJohn DiMambroはビンテージのプレシジョン・ベース。
私はラディックのクラシック・シリーズ5キットでスネアはスープラフォニック、2タムで8″x14″、バスドラは22″、フロアタムは16″。Moonの14″も準備している。The Outta SitesのJason Eoffはテルミンで1曲参加してくれた。Kevin McCourtが殆どの曲でキーボードを、Craig Campbellが、’Moonlight Drive’でキーボードを弾いてくれたんだ。
Q. What are the main equipments which you used?
John: Chuck and I play through Vox amps, a AC 15 and an AC 30 the guitars we use include a Danelectro 12 string, Rickenbacher 350V63 and a Fender Strat.  the pedals use  art a Boss Super Overdrive SD1, Ibanez Tube Screamer and a Behringer Vintage Delay VD400.
Nick: Chuck plays a few different Strats, he found one he sold years ago in high school at a pawn shop, and brought it back into the family.  John DiMambro recorded the bass on this with a vintage P Bass.  I use a Ludwig ‘Classic’ 5 piece kit with a Supraphonic snare and a Rogers Dynasonic snare. two 8″x14″ toms, a 22″ kick and a 16″ floor. I always dug the Moon two 14″ tom set up. Timpani tuning.  Jason Eoff of The Outta Sites used a Theremin for one track.  Kevin McCourt handled most of the keys, and Craig Campbell performed keyboards/piano on ‘Moonlight Drive’
“I’m Free” と “Best Days” が素晴らしいと思うけど、”Head Up Head High” や “A Stranger On the Shore” のような違ったタイプの曲も挑戦しがいがあったね。”I’m Free” と “Head Up Head High” みたいな曲が同居してるからこそ、アルバムが真のガレージ・サウンドになったと思う。
それに、David Newtonは私達のサウンドを熟知しているから、レコーディング中も楽しいことばかりだった。このアルバムは今までの3枚の中で最も楽しく、わかりやすい作品になったと思う。素晴らしい時間を共に過ごせたと感じているよ。
Q. What is the highlight of this album which you recommend?
A. “I’m Free” and “Best Days” are great tracks, and we really enjoy how we challenged ourselves with different tracks such as “Head Up Head High” and “A Stranger On the Shore”
“I’m Free” and “Head Up Head High” are bookends in style that gives this disc a true garage / freakbeat feel.
David Newton is very familiar with how we sound, and we enjoy his studio process. It was nothing but full speed ahead fun.
The album was probably the most fun, and easiest disc of the three to record, and write. It just clicked together wonderfully, and we feel that the fun we had was captured on the LP.
Nick: 音楽産業とテクノロジーは良い方に変わったと感じているよ。インディーのアーティストはオーディエンスに無限にアピールできるようになったんだ。20年以上前では考えられないような話さ。バンド自身でビジネスをしていく覚悟があれば、道を切り開いていける時代になったんだ。私達は様々な経験を積んでいるから、今の状況を楽しんでいるよ。海の向こうのオーディエンスともコンタクトができるなんて挑戦しがいがあるじゃないか!素晴らしいことだよ。
John: 経済的な富をもたらすことはないかもしれないが、創造的な富、自由、そして何よりも世界中の人々に自分たちの音楽を届けられるようになったのは、素晴らしいことだと感じているな。
Q. The music industry has changed a lot . How do you feel the present music industry to be as a musician? What did it bring you?
Nick: The business, and technology is way way different now, in a good way. Indie artists can reach unlimited audiences, unheard of 20 plus years ago.
Bands can now take charge of their business dealings, and music. It doesn’t make the road ahead easier, but if they are organized and work hard, they will see results.
We enjoy having experienced the previous music industry model and the current model. It was a lot of fun in those days, and the ability to reach far audiences today is incredibly fun and challenging.
John: The current music industry will not bring you financial wealth but does allow you creative wealth and exposure to more people.
Q. If you were stuck on a desert island what five albums/CDs could you not live without? 
1)The Who: The Who Sellout  1960s Radio Caroline energy!!
2)The Clash / The Clash    Out of control album!
3)The Rolling Stones / Get Yer Ya Ya’s Out  It’s the Rosetta Stone for Rock and Roll
1)The Kinks  “Misfits”  brilliant music
2)Wings “Band On The Run” Sir Paul at his best
3)Rolling Stones  “Some Girls”  I like 1978
4)Replacements “Let It Be”   great lyrics
5)Rod Stewart “Every Picture Tells  A Story”    great album
Nick: Shannon and the Clams!1950年代のスピリットを持ったバンドで、The Crampsみたいにイカした連中さ!彼らのハーモニーとソングライティングとステージ衣装は、まさに50sそのもの。次のライブが待ちきれないよ!
John: the Sonics!60年代からのガレージ・バンドの1つなのに、いまだに現役でツアーしている。素晴らしいぜ!
Q. Do you have the band to sympathize with in recent music? 
Nick: I really enjoy Shannon and the Clams. They have the spirit of 1950s rock and roll and are as fun as The Cramps.
Their harmonies, songwriting and stage dress are clearly 1950s influenced. I can’t wait to see where they go next.
John: I like the Sonics touring again as they are one of the first garage bands from the sixties and still sound great!
Nick: どのライブもレコーディングも、かけがえないものばかり。冒険はまだまだ続くよ。
Q. When you looked back on your music life, what is the impressive episode?
Nick: Every new show and new recording is what we value the most. The adventure ahead is what drives us.
Nick: このアルバムに賭けているんだ。全力で挑むだけさ!楽しみながらね。
John: バンドに良い波が来ていると感じているんだ。2度目のね。バリバリやって、映画のサントラとかに挑戦してみたいね。
Q. What will it be in future that you want to challenge?
Nick: This record is the most focused release to date. Now that we’ve really hit our stride, it’s time to run full speed. We never stop having fun.
John: As a band, we are experiencing  our 2nd wave of creativity. We are trying to get more work with movie soundtracks.
Nick: 本当にありがとう!私達のアルバムは常に2年間隔でリリースしてたけど、これからは毎年出すつもり。それに、もっと州外でのショーを行っていく予定。他国でのエアプレイも増えてきているから、もっとアピールしていくよ。
Q. Please tell me your plans from now on. We will always be there for you!
Nick: Thank you, we are humbled and honored.
Our discs were always two years apart, and now we plan on putting out releases every year. Also, we are playing more out of state shows, and our airplay in other countries has increased as well.
Nick: 日本の皆さん、応援ありがとう!いつか君たちの目の前でプレイできる日が来ると信じているよ。Yuzo Kayama rocks!!!
John: 親愛なる日本のファンへ「私達のロックを楽しんでくれ!いつか必ず行くから待っててくれよ!」
Q. Would you please provide some message to the fans in Japan?
Nick: To our friends and fans in Japan. Thank you for your support. Your love of Rock and Roll is inspiring. We hope to visit your great country soon!   Yuzo Kayama rocks!!!
John: To our fans in Japan “we hope you enjoy our music and we would love to visit Japan and play some shows”. Sayonara  my friend
coverThe Forty Nineteens “Rebooted”
ほぼ全曲2分台、駆け抜けるガレージ・ビート。細かな説明なんて野暮ってものでしょう。猥雑と粗暴の中に貫禄を感じる全12曲。ラストはThe Doorsのカバー “Moonlight Drive”。文句のつけようがない60sリスペクトなアルバムです。
  1. I’m Free
  2. Best Days
  3. Wasn’t It You
  4. Disguise
  5. 383 Dodge Charger
  6. Get Myself a Selfie
  7. Head Up Head High
  8. A Stranger On the Shore
  9. True True True
  10. I Walked With a Zombie
  11. Dance With Me
  12. Moonlight Drive

official : http://thefortynineteens.com/

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